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Konferencje ProZ.com są okazją do nawiązania osobistych kontaktów, szkoleń, dyskusji, prezentacji, rozwoju zawodowego i kontaktów towarzyskich, wszystkie te funkcje podsumowuje motto konferencji: Konferencje ProZ.com - nauka, spotkania i zabawa!
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Bądź na bieżąco z najnowszymi narzędziami dostępnymi na Twoim rynku i szkoleniami w Twojej okolicy.

Nieformalne spotkania grup użytkowników ProZ.com mieszkających w danej okolicy.

What attendees say about ProZ.com Conferences

First ProZ.com Seminar in Egypt لأول مرة: بروز.كوم تعقد ندوة في مصر

It was a nice chance for getting acquainted to new colleagues and outsourcers, listening to some new ideas and learning some really important things.
Hope that such a gathering be a regular annual event.
Thanks to ProZ.com, the organizers and for all those who attended the seminar.

First ProZ.com Seminar in Egypt لأول مرة: بروز.كوم تعقد ندوة في مصر

The effort put to bring such an elegant beautiful event to light is superb. A special and hearty thanks goes to Hazem Hamdy for helping bring such a bouquet of speakers together and for patiently sailing them through the preparation requirements in a very friendly manner. Also, the enrichment of meeting with people and connecting with friends and new colleagues is a priceles asset.

ProZ.com Austria Conference - Vienna 2009

The weekend was packed full with great sessions, lots of opportunities to network, and also time to see some of the city - I learned quite a few new things, got inspired to try new approaches and methods ans met a ton of wonderful people - what a great weekend!! thank you so much for all the hard work that went into organizing it!!!

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What sponsors say about ProZ.com Conferences

We attended the Budapest Conference as a first time sponsor. There was always a big crowd around our booth and we were able to distribute 150 evaluation copies of our software. From an attendees perspective we felt the conference was well organized with lots of opportunities to network.

Gyorgy Elkes, LEG Kft.
LEG is a Distributor of Kilgray’s MemoQ Translation Software.

As a sponsor at the Proz.com conference in Edinburgh Scotland, SDL Trados felt that there was a great buzz and energy at the conference. It was very well attended, and it gave SDL Trados the chance to communicate directly and meet face to face with a large number of potential customers. It has been very exciting to be part of ProZ.com conferences, and to be able to announce to such a relevant audience the future SDL Trados plans while receiving first hand feedback from the translators community. We definitely plan on involvement in future ProZ.com conferences.

Massimo Ghislandi, Global Marketing Initiatives Manager, SDL Trados

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