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Technical Manuals Experts

Expertise in Technical Manuals


Team information
Description:We are a team of professional full-time translators with a large experience translating technical manuals: User, Assembly, Instruction, Repair, Maintenance, etc.
We specialize in Mechanical Industry (Car, Truck, Bus, Tractor), Heavy and Light Machinery, Legal Directives (EURO, DIN, ISO, TÜV), Certificates of Conformity, Service Information.
Our commitment is to ensure high standard translations within the established deadlines.
Contact us and find out more about competence!!!

EN - SP - PT
Team language pairs (2):
  • angielski > portugalski
  • hiszpański > portugalski

Team leader
Sónia Tavares
Sónia Tavares
Translating since 1999
Nine years translating technical manuals!

4 team members
Sandra Gasalho
Sandra Gasalho
Translating for a better understanding
BrowniZ: 515
niderlandzki > portugalski
angielski > portugalski
francuski > portugalski
(5 more)
Technical Manuals Experts
Translating for 13 years within the technical manual area.
Paulo Rocha
Paulo Rocha
Reliable Translations
KudoZ: 88
BrowniZ: 621
hiszpański > portugalski
angielski > portugalski
Perfil técnico-científico
KudoZ: 351
BrowniZ: 1563
hiszpański > portugalski

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