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Description:Our team is consisting of the members who have real skill and service mind.
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  • angielski > francuski
  • angielski > hiszpański
  • angielski > japoński
  • angielski > niemiecki
  • angielski > włoski
  • chiński > angielski
  • chiński > niemiecki
  • chiński > niemiecki
  • chiński > rosyjski
  • chiński > ukraiński
  • hiszpański > włoski
  • hiszpański > włoski
  • japoński > angielski
  • włoski > hiszpański
  • włoski > rosyjski

Team leader
Mami Y.
Mami Y.
wordfully, naturally and accurately
About team
This team consists of skillful members who have a strong background as both translators and their own field experts and always develop a sense of professionalism. So we refuse the translator who doesn't meet our standard from joining our team. Thank you for your understanding. Now we as a translator, we focus completely on generating the translation which give our clients great satisfaction.

6 team members
Traducendo Co. Ltd
Traducendo Co. Ltd
Business-Law-Oenology-Arts SPECIALISTS
KudoZ: 924
BrowniZ: 2875
hiszpański > włoski
angielski > włoski
angielski > francuski
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team coordinator at Traducendo Italia
With over 4 years of experience managing a team of more than 80, we can provide high quality translation in a variety of language as well as the know how to offer your translation a plus almost impossible to achieve other ways.
a one-man advantage in your translations
KudoZ: 1848
BrowniZ: 9230
angielski > ukraiński
rosyjski > angielski
ukraiński > angielski
(5 more)
ultima translation to Russian, Ukrainian, English
Diego Sibilia
Diego Sibilia
Reliable Native Italian Translator
KudoZ: 143
BrowniZ: 521
angielski > włoski
hiszpański > włoski
Native Italian Translator available 24/7
I am native Italian fluent in English and Spanish.

I am able to translate accurately any kind of files: .xml, .po, .doc, .ttx, sdlxliff, .xls, resx, etc. I have a vast experience writing SEO content and I am at your complete service 24/7.

As good translator I must be able to adapt to the requirements of each situation, I believe that my references will prove to you that I possess the abilities to accomplish the tasks provided and that I will be a valuable asset to your workforce.

These are my references on GAF (Freelancer.com), Proz, oDesk and Elance in order to check my feedbacks.




Hideo Kowata
Hideo Kowata
BrowniZ: 360
angielski > japoński
Dariush Robertson
Dariush Robertson
Chinese to English freelance translator
Wielka Brytania
KudoZ: 73
BrowniZ: 1400
chiński > angielski
Dariush Robertson
A passionate, resourceful and detail oriented freelance Chinese to English translator with over 4 years of translation experience. I am a native speaker of English and have lived for over 6 years in Taipei. I translate texts of Simplified, Traditional and Classical Chinese into high quality English. When translating I strive to both embrace the spirit of the original Chinese work and create a seamless translation which reads as an authentic piece should.

I completed an MA in C-E Translating, and T&I Diploma at Newcastle University (UK), where I received training from Linguists and translators at the top of their respective fields. I am also a full member of the Chartered Association of Linguists (MCIL), and a Certified PRO on ProZ.com.

I have three specialist areas of translation: art, literature and video game localisation (UK) localization (US).

- I have a solid background in the visual arts (BA in Fine Art) and have exhibited my own work in galleries and public spaces. I am very interested in Chinese art, especially landscape and ink and color paintings. I have translated several art texts, some of which have been published.

- I have an interest in Chinese poetry and classic novels. I have translated a broad selection of poetry and literary texts. A collection of 39 poems by Wang Guozhen which I have translated has recently been published.

- I have conducted around 30 years of research into video games, and have worked with industry leaders to localize various smash hit games. Many of which are available on iOS, Android and PC. This has involved translating and proofreading in the region of 2 million characters.

If you require my services please do not hesitate to get in contact, my email address is: