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Team language pairs (5):
  • angielski > włoski
  • francuski > włoski
  • niemiecki > włoski
  • włoski > angielski
  • włoski > angielski

Team leader
Maurizio Valente
Maurizio Valente
Assurance of a job well done
Dr. Maurizio VALENTE - Technical, Business and Legal Translations, English&French into Italian.
* Former Researcher in a major semicon company. * Freelance technical translator since 1986.

* ADSL broadband connection.

* ID Verified.

Areas of expertise:
Chemistry, Physics, Software and Hardware, Semiconductors, Legal, Business, SAP, Automotive, Vacuum, Sailing, Instrumentation, etc.

Website: www.mauriziovalente.com

8 team members
Alessandra Muzzi
Alessandra Muzzi
IT and CAT tools expert
KudoZ: 4
BrowniZ: 166
angielski > włoski
francuski > włoski
Specialized in software and Web localization, expert user of CAT tools

Alessandra Muzzi is a native Italian speaker with a University degree in languages,
University training in translation, past experience as a software programmer and
extensive experience as an advanced software user in a large organization.
ATA certified EN>IT, AITI tested EN>IT. Credentials verified by ProZ.
12 years of experience in the translation and localization field. Translates from
English or French into Italian.
Areas of expertise: Information Technology, software localization, Website localization,
telecommunications, general business and marketing, enterprise management, industrial automation.

Website: http://www.amtrad.it/
Ilde Grimaldi
Ilde Grimaldi
ATA accredited, technical and IT
KudoZ: 4574
BrowniZ: 1398
angielski > włoski
niemiecki > włoski
ATA accredited EN->IT, 13 years of full-time experience
Fields of expertise: IT and ENGINEERING
(computers & data processing, mechanical engineering, automotive, machine tools, electrical engineering, electronics, ERP/SAP, EU Affairs, social science)
Lorenzo Martinelli
Lorenzo Martinelli
Words you can rely on! Absolutely.
KudoZ: 28
BrowniZ: 369
angielski > włoski
włoski > angielski
Italian Translations -- Words you can rely on!
Twenty years of experience, competive pricing and painstaking attention to detail coupled to a solid grip and understanding of advanced technologies make Lorenzo Martinelli the ideal choice for your technical communications in Italian.

Specialised in
PC Hardware and Software (consumer and industrial)
Automation, Robotics, Numerical Controls, Networks, PLCs, Plant Engineering. Technology. Rotogravure printing,
Electronic Consumer Products, Office Equipment, Scanners and Professional Graphic Arts Equipment.

For more information please visit www.martinelli.co.uk
Elena Ghetti
Elena Ghetti
technical translation specialist
KudoZ: 4971
BrowniZ: 6212
angielski > włoski
niemiecki > włoski
francuski > włoski
(2 more)
Specialties: industrial engineering, electronics,
computer hardware, chemistry, biology, ocean transportation, etc.
Sarah Ponting
Sarah Ponting
Painstaking accuracy and research
KudoZ: 5404
BrowniZ: 12271
włoski > angielski
Stylish translations by native English speaker
Thirty years of experience. Areas of specialisation include:

wine, art, history and culture, travel and tourism, architecture, photography, archaeology, food, nature, audio tours, exhibition catalogues, children's books (fiction and non-fiction), young adult fiction

Careful research ensures top-quality work.
Roberta Anderson
Roberta Anderson
Localization & Graphic Arts, Win & MacOS
KudoZ: 2572
BrowniZ: 4293
angielski > włoski
francuski > włoski
niemiecki > włoski
Beyond translation: in-field experience in Localization and Graphic Arts
Specialised technical & marketing translator and reviewer (IT, software and hardware: Graphic Arts, Publishing, Printing, PrePress, Video Editing, Imaging).

Leveraging from 10 years in-field experience working for a leading software vendor, I combine linguistic and terminology accuracy with technical skills, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and strong awareness of the end-user's needs.

Expert DTP user: DTP services with all major layout and graphic applications, in both Windows and Mac OS.
Pamela Brizzola
Pamela Brizzola
ATA Certified/AITI: 20 years in business
KudoZ: 1870
BrowniZ: 2976
angielski > włoski
hiszpański > włoski
11 years as technical specialist - ATA Member
Choosing the right translator will affect the result of your projects.

For your technical assignments:

- Software, hardware, mechanical engineering, marketing, automotive, etc.
- 11-year experience in technical translations
- Previously in-house translator and PM
- ATA member
- ESOL Certification
- Major CAT tools
- ADSL connection
- Credentials verified in Proz
- Web site: www.easytrad.it

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