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Team information
Description:We try to help each other where we can... (any additional phrases appreciated)
And I hope you don't mind the fact that I am put in the 'leader' but I am not. I am just hoping to coordinate an advisory team for Japanese translatrs who need help like me.

Team leader
Yumico Tanaka
Yumico Tanaka
Easy to read, most natural and accurate
survivng translator (trying to be)

3 team members
Yasutomo Kanazawa
Yasutomo Kanazawa
Scientia est potentia
KudoZ: 4001
BrowniZ: 14880
angielski > japoński
niemiecki > japoński
włoski > japoński
(5 more)
michiko tsumura
michiko tsumura
accurate and natural
KudoZ: 468
BrowniZ: 5613
angielski > japoński

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