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Description:<br><div align=center><b>All-in-one pro team for all Turkish-speaking audiences, in all contexts</div></b><br><br>

<img src="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/marti.gif" border=0> We are native Turkish language professionals with in-country education and experience<br><br>
<img src ="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/marti.gif" border=0> We are either bilingual or have received bilingual education<br><br>
<img src ="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/marti.gif" border=0> We all have multicultural experience and thus are sensitive to the needs of Turkish-speaking communities located in Western Europe and North America, as well as various target audiences in Turkey<br><br>
<img src ="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/marti.gif" border=0> We represent a collective background in diverse areas from arts and literature to advertisement, from marketing and business to science, from IT to social subjects<br><br>
<img src ="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/marti.gif" border=0> All of us have an excellent working command of English - therefore we are capable of undertaking huge projects in <b>English to Turkish</b>, the busiest of our language pairs<br><br><br><br><br>
<div align=center><img src ="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/lale.gif" border=0><img src ="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/lale.gif" border=0><img src ="http://www.proz.com/home/44407/TeamPage/lale.gif" border=0></div><br><br><br><br>
<div align=center><b><i>Thank you for visiting our Team Page.<br><br>For all your inquiries, please e-mail us at</i> <a href="mailto:multi-turki@language.proz.com">Multi-Turki</a></div></b><br><br><br><br><br>

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  • angielski > turecki
  • francuski > turecki
  • hiszpański > turecki
  • kataloński > turecki
  • niderlandzki > turecki
  • niemiecki > turecki
  • turecki > angielski
  • turecki > niderlandzki
  • turecki > niemiecki

Team leader
Özden Arıkan
Özden Arıkan
I talk Turkey... and so will you!
Still phrasy after all these years. . .

Been working as a professional translator for two decades with experience gained in many diverse and sometimes wildly divergent areas. . . yet, always remained a literary translator with an impeccable command of her native Turkish, well-honed editorial skills sharpened through both inhouse and freelance work, and excellent working skills in English, her source working language acquired through bilingual education.

Has good understanding of various Turkish-speaking communities in western Europe (since 2001, resident of Nordrhein-Westfalen, the German state with the greatest population density of Turkish speakers - also in continuous contact with the community in the Netherlands), as well as awareness of the problems and shortcomings of the Turkish produced abroad. In sum: never scant of vocabulary, got a feel for vernaculars, knows where and how to find what, and never constructs a Turkish sentence with foreign idioms and syntax :-)

Growing experience (2 years at this point) in copy and slogan adaptation. Leads a boredom-impossible life with an over-fluent bilingual teenie, a native felinguist, and a heavy-duty computer.

5 team members
KudoZ: 674
BrowniZ: 3301
niemiecki > turecki
turecki > niemiecki
angielski > turecki
For accurate translations, you need more than a dictionary...

- Native in German and Turkish
- Bilingually educated
- Degree in Translation and Interpreting
- Good educational background
- Loves to play with words

For more information, please take a look at my profile
Nazim Aziz Gokdemir
Nazim Aziz Gokdemir
Completely at home in two cultures
KudoZ: 76
BrowniZ: 406
angielski > turecki
turecki > angielski
(1 more)
Turkish-American editor/writer/translator based in the Washington, D.C. area
- Native Turkish speaker
- Acquired English between ages 9 and 12
- Educated at American-run prep school in Istanbul
- Master's degree from the University of Iowa
- Fourteen years' work experience in the U.S. as reporter, writer, and editor (as well as holder of many, many odd jobs)
- Recent experience, Turkey: Editor/director of a multi-volume literary translation project; several books and numerous articles with author/co-author, editor, translator, or "introduction by" credit
- Recent experience, U.S.: Edited and wrote content for business and academic clients including the World Bank, World Wildlife Fund, and Oxford University Press
- Dual citizen
- Married to native-born American since 1993, raising child (born in 2002) bilingually
Nese Dogan
BrowniZ: 380
niderlandzki > turecki
turecki > niderlandzki
angielski > turecki
(6 more)
Dual native speaker of Dutch and Turkish
- Learned Turkish as mother tongue, and Dutch through living in the
Netherlands since early childhood.
- Excellent command of English, as well as advanced French and German,
bringing the total to 5 languages.
- Worked and lived in the United States for 5 years (1998-2003).
- Freelance translator and interpreter since 1996.
- BA, MBA specializing in Information Management, both from Erasmus University,
Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
- Member of a family that is multinational, happy mother of "one
little princess."
Ahmet Muhittin Karkin Özgel
Ahmet Muhittin Karkin Özgel
Native Turkish, Spanish citizen
BrowniZ: 300
kataloński > turecki
hiszpański > turecki
angielski > turecki
(3 more)
Native Turkish translator of Spanish, English, French and Catalan
- More than 20 years of journalism and translations.

- BS degree in Industrial engineering, 10 years of experience as editor of Turkish translation of Encyclopaedia Britannica and Gran Larousse science and technology articles.

- Citizen of Spain, living in Barcelona.

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