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Pharmaceuticals Plus

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Team information
Description:We're a dream team for pharmaceuticals and incomparable for academic articles in the life sciences. Every team member has many years of experience in translating regulatory documents, medical device manuals and scientific articles for academic journals.

Translations, editing, writing and more. "More" is that vast gray area that includes all those projects that don't fit nicely into the narrow cubbyhole of ES <> EN translation (i.e., half writing/half translation, adaptation, translating and editing highly technical documents for commercial presentations, summaries, etc.).

If your first priority is quality and only the best will do, we're your team.
Team language pairs (2):
  • angielski > hiszpański
  • hiszpański > angielski

Team leader
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Thomas
Physician_Trados_ 26 yr experience
Barbara Thomas, MD
ATA certified in EN>ES (native language English), 28 years of experience

2 team members
BrowniZ: 300
angielski > hiszpański
Antonio Sanguino
Antonio Sanguino
Medical/Pharmaceutical Translations
BrowniZ: 300
angielski > hiszpański
francuski > hiszpański
włoski > hiszpański
(1 more)
Antonio Sanguino
7 years of experience in clinical research,
14 years of experience in medical/pharmaceutical translation