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We translate the meaning not only the words.


Team information
Description:We are a professional, experienced translation team. Living in a multilingual environment (native Hungarians, living in Romania - Romanian citizens) we have developed a good language sense.
We have the synergy to ensure translation excellence, reviewing each other's work before release to the customer thereby providing a value-added, quality-controlled translation.

Team members:

Klára Kalamár - Dipl.-Ing. of Civil Engineering and Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Dénes Székely (aka webGóbé) - IT Consultant, WEB-Developer, senior programmer, specialized in multi-language computer applications and websites
Borbala Forro - Master of Applied Linguistics

Please feel free to contact us for any English to Hungarian, French to Hungarian, English to Romanian, French to Romanian, Romanian to Hungarian and/or Hungarian to Romanian translation task.
Team language pairs (7):
  • angielski > rumuński
  • angielski > węgierski
  • francuski > rumuński
  • francuski > węgierski
  • rumuński > węgierski
  • węgierski
  • węgierski > rumuński

Team leader
Klára Kalamár
Klára Kalamár
Language is the dress of thought.
Cambridge University (ESOL Examinations, External, Misc.), OTHER-Cambridge FCE, 11 years of experience

2 team members
Borbala Forro
Borbala Forro
Professional translator and linguist.
KudoZ: 4
BrowniZ: 1913
angielski > węgierski
węgierski > angielski
(4 more)
Like a vine: good, but getting better!
BrowniZ: 303
rumuński > węgierski
angielski > węgierski
angielski > rumuński
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"Like a fine wine... Good from the start and getting better over time."