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English-Danish Translators

Quality before sloppiness


Team information
Description:Team reserved for English-Danish Translators that:
- Are native speakers
- Hold degree(s) in translation
- Are active users of CAT tools
Team language pairs (1):
  • angielski > duński

Team leader
Jon Hedemann
Jon Hedemann
20+y exp, licensed, CAT specialist
Manager & Chief Translator at TRADOMUS Nordic
‐ MA Business Languages, Translation and Interpretation, Copenhagen Business School (1996)
‐ Licensed Translator, EnglishDanish
‐ Medical Technician (specialization in neurology/audiology exams), Southern Vocational College of Denmark (2011)
‐ Native Danish speaker living in Denmark
‐ National accreditation: Member of Danish State‐Authorized Translators and Interpreters Association (DT)
‐ Extensive translation and editing experience with technical, IT and medical documentation
‐ High level of computer and IT skills
‐ QA/Software testing experience: Beta tester on all MS Windows versions since Windows XP
‐ Localization testing experience: Beta tester on all Danish MS Windows versions since Windows XP
‐ Exacting and with an eye for detail
‐ Responsible and able to meet strict deadlines

3 team members
Specialised in video games and marketing
Wielka Brytania
KudoZ: 2
BrowniZ: 200
angielski > duński
duński > angielski
(1 more)
Annelise Brincker
Specialising in technical texts
KudoZ: 83
BrowniZ: 5538
angielski > duński
duński > angielski
szwedzki > duński
Technical translator
Specialising in automotive, marine, engineering and construction.
KudoZ: 32
BrowniZ: 353
angielski > duński
duński > angielski
Specialized in Life Sciences
Offering translation, editing and QM linguistic services. U.S. resident. Preferred CAT tool: Wordfast.