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Macedonian Dream Team

Who says it is impossible?


Team information
Description:Experienced, professional, accurate and reliable, able to translate in a large range of areas and provide you with translation, editing and proofreading. We take extra care to make sure that our translations read like originals and not like translations. Our areas of specialization are: economy, law, medicine, mechanical engineering, construction.
Our rates are negotiable and depend on the volume and difficulty of the project.

<b>They said about us:</b>
<i>"...Overall, the team of Gabriela Nikolova was one with which I would be enthusiastic about working with if I were ever to need Macedonian translation, localization, or promotion services in the future. They did a superb job, were punctual, followed instructions, and did whatever they could to ensure that their work was done right"...

"...The translations were completed in excellent fashion and were delivered on-time and in compliance with all agreements"...</i>
Team language pairs (9) Show all:
  • angielski > chorwacki
  • angielski > macedoński
  • angielski > serbski
  • bośniacki > angielski
  • chorwacki > angielski
  • hiszpański > serbski
  • macedoński > angielski
  • serbski > angielski
  • serbski > macedoński

Team leader
Gabriela Nikolova
Gabriela Nikolova
Experienced translator and economist
"...She proved to be a diligent, reliable and meticulous translator, always willing to go the extra mile. She is very responsible and has always delivered her translations in a timely and accurate manner"...

(Manager of an Australian translation agency)

4 team members
Gabriela Breslieva
Gabriela Breslieva
Translator and a teacher too
BrowniZ: 30401
angielski > macedoński
macedoński > angielski
Biljana Vasileva Bojcev
Biljana Vasileva Bojcev
translation, localization, subtitle
KudoZ: 27
BrowniZ: 27076
angielski > macedoński
angielski > serbski
serbski > angielski
(4 more)
everything is translatable
loads of satisfied customers and students
Danijela Pejcic
Danijela Pejcic
Translator and interpreter
KudoZ: 7
BrowniZ: 1723
hiszpański > serbski
angielski > serbski
serbski > hiszpański