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Löfberg & Jönsson

Swedish medical translations


Team information
Description:We are a team of 2 experienced and dedicated medical translators working closely together to produce results that are consistently rated Excellent in quality reviews. With a combined competence of 5 university degrees in languages and medical science, 1 million+ words translated, and 13 years of freelance experience, we deliver medical texts in Swedish that are accurate, reliable and stylistically astute.

Team language pairs (5):
  • angielski > szwedzki
  • duński > szwedzki
  • francuski > szwedzki
  • niemiecki > szwedzki
  • norweski > szwedzki

Team leader
Gabriella Jönsson
Gabriella Jönsson
native Swedish transl, 12 yrs experience
Head Linguist
Freelance translator since 2002 with a wide experience of a variety of texts and formats. My main quality as a translator is my dedication to appropriate register and terminology. I always research the field and industry-specific terms at hand and take care to deliver your project in the correct format and adapted to your specific local market on request.

2 team members
Sofia Löfberg
Sofia Löfberg
Qual. BMS, MMed, BSc
KudoZ: 17
BrowniZ: 4587
angielski > szwedzki
francuski > szwedzki
duński > szwedzki
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Medical Expert
I am a registered Biomedical Scientist who has worked within the medical field since 2000. I have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) and a Master of Medical Science (MMSc) in Biomedical Laboratory Science. As a translator, I focus exclusively on medical translations for quality-oriented outsourcers. Among my regular work are IFUs and documentation for medical devices, clinical trials and product descriptions for
IVD/immunohistochemical products. I also provide software localization and translations for the medical device industry.