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Description:We are a team of top notch translators specialized in law, medicine, health & security, oil industry, IT, website & software localization.<br><br>
We are a new generation of professionals, not only computer savvy, but also certified translators.<br><br>

We are constantly improving our translation and interpreting skills, while at the same time updating our knowledge on differents tools so as to make our projects both time and cost-effective.<br><br>

We run all CAT tools. And, we can also handle the DTP process of all the projects we work on. <br><br>

<marquee><I><font color=blue>"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."</font></I> Henry Ford</marquee><br><br>

We commit the best of our knowledge, skills and time for the sake of offering high-standard language solutions and meeting our clients' needs.<br><br><br>

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Team language pairs (1):
  • angielski > hiszpański: 0.10

Team leader
Gisela Re
Gisela Re
Wielka Brytania
Translating & Interpreting with heart, mind and soul
**Certified Translator and Interpreter**

Degree in Legal & Financial Translation and certification by the CTPCBA. I've participated in different projects, working as translator, proofreader, copy-editor or project lead. And right now, I'm also working as an interpreter (after completing my training on this area).

I've translated press releases, research papers, user guides & manuals, brochures, online courses, contracts, financial statements, technical specs, scripts (for ads & films), and also localized websites & some software application modules.

My translation & interpreting experience falls within the following fields: marketing, business, law, well-drilling, technology & software development, HR, safety & hygiene, health care & medicine.

Before becoming a translator, I worked as proofreader and copy-editor of a well-known newspaper directed to the English-speaking public of Buenos Aires, which made me a detail-oriented professional, and my work, quality-driven.

Plus, a 4-year experience as QA in a Direct Marketing company gave me an in-depth knowledge of that industry.

Always open to new ideas and looking for useful & quick solutions.

"We cannot hope to solve our most difficult problems
with the same thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

2 team members
Natalia Zudaire
Natalia Zudaire
Problem solver - Common sense advocate!
KudoZ: 467
BrowniZ: 4158
angielski > hiszpański
Born in a new era
IT -
Computer hardware & software -
Technical manuals

I am an English - Spanish translator, ATA member, and certified by the CTPCBA.

I have a university degree on Translation Studies with Legal Specialization, and I am finishing my thesis dissertation in order to get my postgraduate degree on English Language.

I have experience on different fields, such as: IT, software localization, computer hardware, legal, finance, economics, education, technical manuals, medical equipment, management and sports.

So far this year I have translated and proofead over 500,000 word of different user guides, software interfaces and help documents.

Last year, I spent two months in the United States strengthening my skills on localization, and updating my knowledge of the language and vocabulary related to IT.

I am objective-driven and proactive, and I love what I do!

"Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with
what happens to him." Aldous Huxley