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Team information
Description:A team of 2 professionals with almost 20 years experience, highly reliable. Based in Argentina.
Native: Spanish and Italian
Native: Russian and Ukrainian

Source Languages: Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Spanish.

Fields of expetise: Technical, Legal, Social Sciences, Military and Defense, Tourism and Entertaining Industry.

We use Trados, Omega T, Sisulizer, Catalyst, Passolo.
Team language pairs (6):
  • angielski > hiszpański
  • angielski > rosyjski
  • angielski > ukraiński
  • hiszpański > rosyjski
  • hiszpański > ukraiński
  • włoski > hiszpański

Team leader
Galyna Chumachenko
Galyna Chumachenko
"Primus inter Pares"
Engineer, Philologist and Experienced Translator and Interpreter

1 team member
Maria Gisella Gamez
Maria Gisella Gamez
Effectiveness and integrity
KudoZ: 136
BrowniZ: 1887
angielski > hiszpański
włoski > hiszpański
hiszpański > włoski
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