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Phoenix III

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Team information
Description:This team was created for our mutual benefit. As a team we can undertake your major project apportion it among ourselves and see it through, from start to finish. As linguists, we can benefit by working together and sharing the responsibility. This can result in substantial savings to you the agency, since you do not have to deal with several linguists with different styles and several proofreaders. One team of linguists at your service.

We translate Spanish in all variants and English in all variants.
Team language pairs (2):
  • angielski > hiszpański: To be agreed. No job too big!
  • hiszpański > angielski: Negociable. Podemos manejar cualquier volumen.

Team leader
Phoenix III
Phoenix III
True words...
More than 60 years of combined translating experience at your service.

2 team members
Language Connection
Language Connection
Translations, Interpretations, Video Sub
BrowniZ: 1307
angielski > hiszpański
hiszpański > angielski
hiszpański > portugalski
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Ace Translator
Wielka Brytania
KudoZ: 389
BrowniZ: 13177
angielski > hindi
hindi > angielski
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