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Team information
Description:Riotloc is a team of veteran videogames translators. Our background includes titles developed both by industry heavyweights, like Blizzard, Paradox Interactive, Obsidian Entertainment, Ubisoft, and by small indie studios. Each of our translators has 7 to 20 years of experience in videogames localization. We localize into most of European languages and into Russian (which is covered by internal part of our team) and for all main platforms (PC, PS, Xbox). We are very flexible in terms of work and also provide testing, voice-over and redrawing services for localization projects. Should you need more details please visit our website www.riotloc.com, and feel free to contact us directly via email overmind@riotloc.com.
Team language pairs (7):
  • angielski > francuski
  • angielski > hiszpański
  • angielski > niemiecki
  • angielski > polski
  • angielski > portugalski
  • angielski > rosyjski
  • angielski > włoski

Team leader
Vladimir Konoplitsky
Vladimir Konoplitsky
Handcrafted videogames localization
Founder, team leader and proofreader
Veteran videogames localizer. IGDA member. Organizer of LocJam 2015 workshops and Global Game Jam 2015 in Minsk, Belarus. Passionate gamer and expert linguist. 9 years in videogames localization, 20 years of gaming experience, 50+ localized games, 1+ mln words translated and proofread yearly.

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