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Localization, Science & Medical Team


Team information
Description:This team has 4 regular members. Each of us has a BS/MA degree, and we're all tech & science oriented. We specialize in software localization, IT, website localization, and the medical, tech, biotech, pharma, patents, engineering and automotive fields. We all use Trados, and we focus on English into Spanish, the four of us being native Spanish speakers. We also use UltraEdit, FrameMaker, can use Quark. Contact us directly, or visit <A HREF="http://www.es.inter.net/~drich/index.html" TARGET="_blank">our website</A>
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Team language pairs (1):
  • angielski > hiszpański

Team leader
Mr. Daniel Alcaine-Rich, BS
English into Spanish full-time freelance translator/localizer with over six years in the industry.
BS dgree in Veterinary Science, Food Science, Technology & Biochemistry (1991).

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