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Linguistic Proficiency and Medical Expertise


Team information
Description:<font color=#990000>•<b><u>TEAM STRUCTURE:</font></b></u> A well-qualified linguist and a licensed medical practitioner
<font color=#990000>•<b><u>QUALITIES:</font></b></u> Both experienced and well-versed in the translation of clinical trial documents, medical products information leaflets, medical equipment manuals, food supplements brochures, conference papers and presentations in the field of medicine, etc.

<font color=#990000>•<b><u>WHY CHOOSE US:</font></b></u>
We are professionals working 'in sync' with our clients' demands: all translated materials will be verified both from a linguistic and medical aspect.

<B><font color=#003366><marquee>LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE! HAVE YOUR TRANSLATIONS DOUBLE-CHECKED NOW!</marquee></font></B><font size -1>
Team language pairs (2):
  • angielski > macedoński
  • macedoński > angielski

Team leader
Natasha Stojanovska-Ilievska
Natasha Stojanovska-Ilievska
PhD in English, committed to excellence!

1 team member