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Norwegian Localization Team

Norwegian Localization Team


Team information
Description:Norwegian Localization Team

Team leader
Patrick Dotterer
Patrick Dotterer
ProZ.com Site Staff

3 team members
6 years experience
KudoZ: 325
BrowniZ: 1296
angielski > norweski
angielski > norweski (bokmal)
Roald Toskedal
Roald Toskedal
27 years of Engineering experience.
KudoZ: 932
BrowniZ: 5127
angielski > norweski
duński > norweski
szwedzki > norweski
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Experienced Engineer
More than 27 years of engineering experience from the Electronics, Telecommunication, Offshore, and Ship building industries.

By 2006, 9 years of translating experience.

All our work is done with independent proofing included.