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» Be considered for projects
By Anne Lee | Published 11/1/2004 | Getting Established | Recommendation:
Make that first email count when applying for proz.com projects by stating all the information of interest to the job poster in the first few lines.
Recent Articles
» Translation, Transcreation and Cultural Diversity
By Adriana Adarve | Published 03/15/2017 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Not yet recommended
What Is Transcreation? How does it relate to translation, and why is it important in cultural diversity. Transcreation is the cultural adaptation of text from one language into another, without deviating from its intent, tone, style and context, but refined in such a way that it reconciles specific cultural and linguistic factors. Transcreation is where creativity and refinement converge to allow a deeper connection between people of different cultural backgrounds.
» Translation Quality Assurance Tools
By Technolex | Published 03/15/2017 | CAT Tools | Recommendation:
In this article we will talk about the tools used by translators, editors and managers of translation agencies, for translation quality assurance. We will review their functions, their strengths and limitations, as well as common misconceptions about their efficiency.
» How To Destroy a Successful Company
By Technolex | Published 02/27/2017 | Business Issues | Recommendation:
In this article we will tell you how to destroy a prosperous company whilst having the best intentions. By following business coaches’ tips, but ignoring corporate values and culture, anyone can fall into this trap. The following situation can arise in any business, but is particularly crucial for companies whose major asset is qualified staff. For a translation agency, these are managers, translators and editors. Base line: the head of a quite successful company feels a kind of stagnation in its development, or perhaps is just bored of the daily grind. They are not pleased with the way their employees communicate, how mid-level managers act, their working hours, company Internet misuse, etc. Moreover, they have heard somewhere that their competitors are more financially efficient. So they take a couple of training sessions, read a few booklets with titles like ‘How to Tame the Chaos Around You’, find like-minded colleagues and begin to implement reforms as if they have gained some secret knowledge. Below we will consider what results this may lead to.
» Project Managers in a Translation Agency — Who Are They?
By Technolex | Published 02/8/2017 | Business of Translation and Interpreting , Miscellaneous | Not yet recommended
Customers and translators not always fully realize the PM's role in a translation agency. It may seem to others, that PM is just an executive, who accepts orders and allocates them to translators. It may also seem that such a work doesn't require any special skills: merely making calls to database contacts, sending letters and meeting deadlines. But is that the case? Lets look closer.
» A few notes on The Great Gatsby
By Mariana Font | Published 12/30/2016 | Literature and Poetry | Not yet recommended
Here is a university level analysis of The Great Gatsby.
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