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How to unite all your Instant Messengers

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How to unite all your Instant Messengers

By Natalya Zelikova | Published  05/12/2004 | Software and the Internet | Recommendation:
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Natalya Zelikova
angielski > rosyjski translator
Członek od: Nov 21, 2003.
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How to unite all your Instant Messengers
Hope this is not considered to be advertising, but only the way to express an admiration from this handy and useful utility.

Some of my friends prefer ICQ, some colleagues like Yahoo or MSN Messenger, and at home to save the valuable time for walking from one room to another and talking to my husband I use WinMessenger (LAN). And to effectively communicate with all of them I have to have accounts with all of these IM’s. To keep all of them active was not very convenient and was sometimes even messy.

Then came Miranda!

One day with the help of this program I stopped to keep all my IMs open on the screen or blinking at the bottom of it and asking me to open each one of them separately. One day all of them were grouped together into one nice ICQ-like window allowing me to differentiate my contacts only by “common interests” criteria. So if one of my friend uses ICQ and another one prefer YM both can be found in the “Friends ”folder.

Here are some facts about Miranda:

Available protocols – ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu, Tlen, Netsend and more
Supported OS – Windows NT4, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP & 2003
License – Miranda IM is published under the GPL license and is FREE OF CHARGE.

Some more features that I personally use and appreciate:

  • you can set up favourite RSS to come to your Miranda in the message form at regular intervals
  • you can already see someone who only opened your dialog window and is typing a message to you
Miranda can be downloaded for free here
Miranda Technical Support and Wish List are also available at here

The above information is given only for those who still didn’t discover this valuable utility and couldn’t enjoy it to the full. So if you did, all honour to you!

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