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» La crisis que vendrá
By Patricia García | Published 03/29/2017 | Miscellaneous | Not yet recommended
Cuando las invasiones "bárbaras" no enseñaron nada no nos queda que la rendición incondicional o la guerrilla sigilosa contra la ignorancia.
» Project Managers in a Translation Agency — Who Are They?
By Technolex | Published 02/8/2017 | Business of Translation and Interpreting , Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
Customers and translators not always fully realize the PM's role in a translation agency. It may seem to others, that PM is just an executive, who accepts orders and allocates them to translators. It may also seem that such a work doesn't require any special skills: merely making calls to database contacts, sending letters and meeting deadlines. But is that the case? Lets look closer.
» Best ways to actually learn a new language
By agapiontek | Published 11/29/2016 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
Grammar book is the least what is needed to start speaking. Get creative!
By Juan Blackmore | Published 05/25/2015 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
Mi experiencia personal de estar en PROZ.
» Translating New Realities: Animal Ethics and Veganism
By Anne-Sophie Cardinal | Published 02/21/2015 | Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
Short article about neologisms and translations related to veganism and animal ethics

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