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Comments regarding the virtual conference

"I enjoyed this entire week tremendously at the virtual conference! I'm in the US Pacific time zone, but I stayed up late and got up early every day to catch most of the events - big thanks for all your hard work!"

"WOW!! It was fantastic. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for organizing this very impressive conference."

"Not only was it executed beautifully, the aesthetics really made us feel we were right there."

"Thank you so much, ProZ.com! I had to get up before 5am this morning because I did not want to miss any part of this event, but I don´t regret it, it was absolutely worth the effort! This was my best -and longest- International Translation Day celebration! Hopefully there´s a chance to do this again soon, it was fun and very enlightening!"

"Thanks to everyone who made this conference possible. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one."

"A big Thank you! The Virtual conference was amazing, very interesting topics and excellent environment. I will definitely attend the next virtual conference."

"It was excellent - a really different way to spend the day and very productive. Thanks!"
Vicky Nash
Vicky Nash
Wielka Brytania

"I find this new of communication futuristic and wonderful! Logos are there and the forum is cybernetic..."

"I hope to get to know some colleagues, and to have a good time with them!"

"I enjoyed it very much and everything went smoothly. Great idea, great implementation, great turnout, great event!"