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Comments regarding the virtual conference

"Thank you, ProZ.com, for being at the cutting edge of technology. The virtual conference was a special treat for International Translation Day. The virtual conference made one feel they were right there!"

"I find this new of communication futuristic and wonderful! Logos are there and the forum is cybernetic..."

"I enjoyed it very much and everything went smoothly. Great idea, great implementation, great turnout, great event!"

"I really felt like a part of a big–and what a great!–community. It was a nice break from my daily work to be able to attend a global conference with interesting presentations. It should become a translators' day tradition."

"I wish to thank the organizers for staging this great event and offering such a great networking possibility. "

"I'm loving this, works perfectly!"

"Fantastic event!"

""I loved the first ProZ.com virtual conference to bits!! All my congratulations to the whole team for this great event! Everything was interesting and user-friendly! I thoroughly enjoyed all the conferences and the friendliness of everyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! An awesome event""

"I hope to get to know some colleagues, and to have a good time with them!"

"As I have never been able to go to a conference in person, attending this virtual one made me feel part of the translating community, gave me lots of ideas and boosted my spirits."
Nikki Graham
Nikki Graham
Wielka Brytania