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» Confusions of untranslatability
By MarishaM | Published 06/18/2017 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
In article to consider some examples of untranslatability (non-translations) in different languages(Arabic, German, Hinduism).Here we will not considering the rules of translations this units, but сonsider examples reflecting`s uniqueness certain nationalities.
» Ukrainian Translation Facts: Tips for Clients and QA Teams
This article is intended for people who do not speak Ukrainian but have to order, manage, and coordinate Ukrainian translations. Below we present some simple facts that will allow you to avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings when working with your Ukrainian suppliers. We note that similar problems exist with other Slavic languages (e.g. Russian, Polish, Slovakian, etc.), so these tips are valid for more than just Ukrainian. You can read a similar article about the Russian language.
» Translating from a Minority Language Perspective – A Finland-Swedish Translator’s Challenges
By Petter Björk | Published 04/23/2012 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
In this article I write about translation from a minority language perspective, focusing on the differences between standard Swedish and Finland-Swedish. In the article I give examples on differences between these two varieties of Swedish, and I discuss the challenges that a translator, who does not have the standard variety of his/her language as his/her native language, might face.
» May 24th - celebrating Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature
By Tanya Toneva | Published 06/15/2011 | Language Specific , Miscellaneous | Recommendation:
An exciting journey back to the very roots of the Bulgarian language. This article was originally written and posted on our company blog on May 24th - in honour of one of the most important Bulgarian holidays.
» Особенности употребления личных местоимений в бенгальском языке
By Anna Konar | Published 12/31/2010 | Language Specific | Recommendation:
Личных местоимений в бенгальском языке больше, чем в русском, что обуславливает сложность выбора того или иного местоимения для употребления. На примере бенгальских личных местоимений единственного числа объясняются особенности их употребления в типовых ситуациях.

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