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English Grammar
15 articles in this category (not counting subcategories)
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» Voice in English
By abdouarraji2021 | Published 08/7/2020 | English Grammar | Recommendation:
In English grammar, two types of voice are identified, namely 'active voice' and 'passive voice'.
» English Grammar Made Very Easy
By Zoltan Bartok | Published 01/23/2019 | English Grammar | Recommendation:
Whether you want to learn or to teach the correct use of English Grammar, this book will make it very easy for you. If you are a native of an English speaking country but not sure, for example, about the proper use of the Tenses, you will be amazed when you see this method quickly clearing up any confusion you might have. If English is your second (or third, etc.) language, you may have difficulties comprehending when and why you need to use certain forms of grammar, especially if your native language does not even have that form. A good example for this is the use of Past Tense in the Hungarian language where the English “to be” is expressed only by the word “volt” while the English language has three different ways to form the “to be” in the past (“had been”, “was or were”, “have been or has been”). Give this method a try, I firmly believe you will not be disappointed.
» Buzzwords in Marketing
By Analia Cassano | Published 07/2/2010 | English Grammar | Recommendation:
A good way of having a good approach toward Marketing´s world
» Teaching English as a second language - beginner level
By Arina Evtikhova | Published 10/18/2009 | English Grammar | Recommendation:
The first steps in language learning are always the most difficult ones for both students and instructors. The major purpose at this stage is to build a strong foundation for further language mastering. Here I provide a few tips and tricks from my teaching experience that may facilitate this process.
By sophiea | Published 09/16/2009 | English Grammar | Recommendation:
Teaching English to Romanian-speaking children has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever!
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