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Translation for HR software application (4,500 words)

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Job type: Oferta tłumaczenia pisemnego / redakcji / korekty
Service required: Translation
Confidentiality level: LOW

Języki: angielski > hiszpański, angielski > portugalski

Wariant języka: Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican Spanish

Opis oferty pracy:
We specialise in localising software applications (usually EN-based) to create a multilingual capability.

We have a customer who wants a HR application (annual leave, training and other job/work related info) to be available in Brazilian (Portuguese) and Spanish (Mexican). It will involve around 4,500 words which we can provide in an Excel spreadsheet.

We don't expect a single translator to cover both languages, so please contact us if you can cover one of the language pairs.

Timeframe - this is likely to be needed around the middle of April (we can provide a more definite date closer to the time) and we'd like the work to be completed within a week if possible.

Also, once we've set up the application, we'd like to arrange a call (Microsoft Teams) where we screen share the application with you and have you review the translations when they are in place to make sure that they are correct in context, etc. This usually takes about 2 hours.

There'll likely be some small bits of text on an ongoing basis, typically 200 words (or so) as we go through testing in the weeks following the initial work.

If you are interested, please email [HIDDEN] with the following info:

- Your rate (per word?)
- Your hourly rate, for the review call
- If you have a minimum charge for any follow up bits of text

Format tekstu źródłowego: Microsoft Excel
Format tekstu docelowego: Microsoft Excel

Payment terms: 2 dni od dnia wystawienia faktury.
Poster country: Wielka Brytania

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info Preferowany język ojczysty: Język(i) tekstu docelowego
Dziedzina : Zasoby ludzkie (HR)
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