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Seeking native English-speaking Japanese-to-English translators

Wysłano: Mar 4, 2021 09:02 GMT   (GMT: Mar 4, 2021 09:02)
Zatwierdzenie i powiadomienie wysłane: Mar 4, 2021 10:51 GMT

Job type: Potencjalna oferta pracy
Services required: Translation, Checking/editing, MT post-editing, Transcreation

Języki: japoński > angielski

Opis oferty pracy:
Transmart is increasingly receiving more requests for Japanese-to-English translation from our customers.

If you are a native or semi-native English-speaking translator and are interested in receiving requests for Japanese-to-English translation from our customers, we would like you to take an unpaid trial (with less than 800 Japanese characters) to become our preferred English-native translator.

How to apply for the trial:

If you are willing to take the trial, please provide us with the following information:
1. If you are a native English speaker, please specify which dialect(s) you are native to (e.g. EN-US, EN-UK, and EN-AU). If you are a semi-native English speaker, please specify your summarized background regarding how you have learned English as well as dialect(s) to which you can confidently translate source Japanese content.
2. Please specify which areas or content types you are specialized in for Japanese-to-English translation.
3. Please specify your summarized personal history.
4. Please specify whether you are willing to act as a reviewer (including target-only reviewer) as well as a translator in MTS.
5. Please specify how many hours per week you will be able to spend to provide translation services for Transmart if you pass the trial.
6. Please specify which Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools you are experienced in, if any.

- Passing the trial will not guarantee that Transmart will immediately offer J-to-E translation jobs on a regular basis.
- For projects that use CAT tools, the per-character price is weighed by the TM-matching rate.
- For projects that use Machine Translation as a baseline translation, some discount may be requested by the customer.
We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in MTS in the near future.

Sposób płatności: Online przez Paypal
Payment terms: 60 dni od dnia wystawienia faktury.
Poster country: Japonia

Wymagania dot. wykonawcy (określone przez zleceniodawcę):
Członkostwo: Niepełnoprawni członkowie mogą odpowiedzieć na tę ofertę po 12 godzinach
info Preferowany język ojczysty: Język(i) tekstu docelowego
Dziedzina : IT (technologia informacyjna)
Ostateczny termin przyjmowania odpowiedzi: May 30, 2021 15:00 GMT
O zleceniodawcy:
This job was posted by a Blue Board outsourcer.

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