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Literary translations English into French


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Description:Team provides literary translation service to the cinema industry and publishers.

Sue Gee
Bonnie Loren (New York theater)
Paul Auster
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  • angielski > francuski: 0.10

Team leader
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Wielka Brytania
Translating is a passion: both mastered and liberated.

In translation, I find all the ingredients of a love-story: the rush, the adrenaline, the sleepless nights...

Yet, translating is about discipline. I learned translation at university and was bemused by it. I translated literary essays, excerpts from books, old and new... That is how I learned... Later, I found myself on a huge automotive plant and I started to learn what the translation profession was really about, I realised what the impacts of a translation work could be: it was a necessary reality check.

I think that before you can translate books, you have to translate broadly, a 100, 10,000, 100,000 words to discover your weaknesses and your strengths. The broader your experience, the better... Later, as a freelancer, I started translating scripts and networking in the cinema industry. I found that my broad-based technical experience had been necessary to acquire the skills but also the discipline.

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