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Course summary
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Duration: 75 minutes
Summary:This webinar deals with the reality that all projects face – despite the detailed planning that needs to go into a successful project, there are always unforeseen issues. We will discuss how to deal with this reality, right throughout the project, so that we can still have successful outcomes.
Description and program
This is the sixth webinar in a series of six 75 minute instructor-led modules to give localisation professionals an overview of a simple effective process for managing projects successfully. The webinar series is designed for people whose job it is to manage localisation projects so that schedule, quality and cost goals are achieved. The focus is on simple messages and techniques so that participants can improve their project management performance as soon as they return to the workplace.

What is it about?
The content of the sixth module is outlined below. The instructor will present each module in 45 – 60 minutes, illustrating the points with examples from his experience. Questions can be addressed during the module. At the end of each module a general Q&A will be held, lasting for 15 to 30 minutes.

Module 6. Project execution
The final module in this series deals with the reality that all projects face – despite the detailed planning that needs to go into a successful project, there are always unforeseen issues. We will discuss how to deal with this reality, right throughout the project, so that we can still have successful outcomes. The key topics covered are:

• The best laid plans
• Re-planning. Responding to new requests
• Adding new projects
• Re-budgeting. Project reviews
• Lessons Learned*

*A feature of the workshop is the “Lesson Learned” section which summarises the key points and learnings at the end of each module.

What will I get out of it?

Participants will get an outline of a simple effective framework to help them manage projects more successfully.
The sessions are run in a highly interactive manner. Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the workshop. However not all questions can be dealt with fully in the time permitted, and sometimes participants only think of questions and issues after the event is over. Therefore, participants can email the instructor up to 12 months after the webinar date with questions and requests.

What’s included?

• A copy of the powerpoint slides will be provided to remind participants of the key points and lessons learned.
• Participants will have free unlimited access to the session video recording.
• Certificates of attendance will be issued.

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• access to webinar session.
• unlimited access to the webinar recording.
• powerpoint slides to remind participants of the key points and lessons learned.
• certificates of attendance.

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Tom Connolly    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Tom Connolly runs itac enterprises, a Project Management and Business Development consultancy enabling clients to meet aggressive goals, streamline operations and grow business. Projects have been implemented in New Product Development and Localisation in the ICT and Life Science sectors. In the past two years Tom has focused on SMEs and start-ups, implementing “big company” practices in a practical, simple way. He also undertakes highly complex projects for larger clients. Tom has developed a number of workshops which have been delivered successfully in Ireland, Holland, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Vienna, Argentina and Australia. Tom is looking for clients who may need experienced highly capable project managers; clients who wish to develop their business in new markets or with new products, and clients who may need their workforce trained to be more effective and efficient.

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