translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators.

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Translation mash-up: "Dust Bowl"Finished
Language pairs42
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Homo-digital: "La sociedad transparente"Finals phase
Language pairs23
Contest logo
17th Translation Contest: "The Sounds of Silence"Finished
Language pairs77
Contest logo
Annual translation contest: "Celebrations"Hybrid phase
Language pairs222
Contest logo
Exploring the desert: "The Doomed City"Finished
Language pairs18
Contest logo
Sin telaraña en las pupilas: "Frases de Oliverio Girondo"Finished
Language pairs20
Contest logo
Poetry with a tune: "Translation of Lyrics"Finished
Language pairs38
Contest logo
11th translation contest: "Contemporary society"Finished
Language pairs93
Contest logo
Mini-contest 2012: "Yogi Berra Quotes"Finished
Language pairs64
Contest logo
9th Translation Contest: "Business"Finished
Language pairs141
Contest logo
1st Annual Translation Contest: "Awakening"Finished
Language pairs120
Contest logo
7th Translation Contest: "Sports"Finished
Language pairs107
Contest logo
6th Translation Contest: "Relationships"Finished
Language pairs98
Contest logo
5th Translation Contest: "Travel"Finished
Language pairs67
Contest logo
Fourth Translation Contest: "Raising children"Finished
Language pairs82
Contest logo
Third Translation ContestFinished
Language pairs49
Contest logo
Second Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs33
Contest logo
First Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs18

Recent discussion about translation contests

Discussion about Homo-digital: "La sociedad transparente" in Spanish to Portuguese (BR)Interesting Text

I enjoyed participating in this contest very much and I'm especially excited for winning two contests in a row (ES > PT-Br and EN > PT-Br).
This particular contest presented a text that was interesting, engaging, relatively challenging, and on a current topic of interest. I hope to participate in future contests. Thank you all who voted for my translation.

Gostei muito de ter participado deste concurso e estou contente por haver ganhado em dois concursos consecutivamente (ES > PT-Br e EN > PT-Br).
Este concurso em particular apresentou um texto interessante, envolvente, relativamente desafiador, e acerca de um tópico de interesse atual. Espero participar de outros concursos no futuro. Obrigado a tod@s que votaram em minha tradução.
Congrats winners in "La sociedad transparente" in English, Portuguese (BR), German and Italian

Hello all,

In the translation contest La sociedad transparente, the finals section came to a close. Winners were determined in the following pairs:

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted!

In the following pairs, too few votes were received to define a winning translation:

For these pairs, a two-week voting extension will be made, to attempt to get more voters, after which pairs which still have too few votes will be put in feedback mode. If you are able to vote in one of these language pairs and have not yet done so, your votes will be appreciated.
Jared Tabor
Jared Tabor
Discussion about 17th Translation Contest: "The Sounds of Silence" in English to Haitian-CreoleLack of Votes in "The Sounds of Silence" Contest- Disappointing from Our Community

Hello Everyone-

This is to all of the Haitian Creole translators who were apparently too busy to choose a winner in "The Sounds of Silence" contest- it's very disappointing that we all had put forth considerable effort to do the translation and participate in the competition yet it was entirely in vain since not enough individuals from our community voted.

This is sad- especially considering the fact that all the other language pairs were well-represented and well-participated in.

What does this say about our community as Haitian Creole translators?
I can think of a few things myself.
All it took was literally 60 seconds out of your day to choose a winner.

Finals open for "La sociedad transparente", cast your votes and help determine the winners

Hello all,

The finals phase for the translation contest La sociedad transparente opens today. If you have not done so already, you can add your votes now to help determine the winners in the following language pairs:

(Thank you to the participants who submitted the final entries that helped move Croatian, Czech and Dutch onward!)

The following pairs received too few entries to go to finals and have been placed in feedback mode, where they can be viewed and discussed:

Finals are set to close on October 5th, after which winners will be announced.
Jared Tabor
Jared Tabor
Discussion about 17th Translation Contest: "The Sounds of Silence" in English to Portuguese (BR)Tks

Thank you, Viviane and Teresa!
I wish you all the best too!

What members have said about translation contests

I think everyone appreciates what you people are doing to improve the wonderful learning and exchange space these contests give us (which I think, it is all what they are about). Cheers!

It was fun to translate [the contest source text] because it presents a certain idea or principle in many different ways (and words) and thereby reveals whether the translator has full command of his/her target language.

Bravo again to for the opportunity it provides to so many translators to have fun, work hard and do things differently and in a different spirit. translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.

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