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Your French technical language specialists


Team information
Description:Translation projects engineering
High volume translation, high throughput
Highly specialized translation into French
Pairwork: 2 specialized translators max+1 single revisor per project
Quality assurance checks before delivery
Team language pairs (1):
  • angielski > francuski: Highly technical & specialized translation into French

Team leader
Luc morvan
Your technical language specialist (>FR)
Translation project coordinator
DESS LANGUES ET TECHNIQUES Univ. Rennes II/CFTTR, Post-Master graduate, RENNES II University, 11 years of experience

2 team members
Gabriel Lang
Gabriel Lang
Experience gives accurate translation
KudoZ: 62
BrowniZ: 1901
angielski > francuski
catherine le yaouanc
catherine le yaouanc
15 years of marketing & commerce
KudoZ: 12
BrowniZ: 3976
angielski > francuski
catherine Le Yaouanc