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Freelance translator survey 2020

By: Alina Cincan

A survey dedicated to freelance translators (designed by translators and with contributions from translators, academics, and professional translation associations) is available at The findings will be made available for free at

Why should you take this survey?

  • You are contributing to important and valuable research that will help you reflect on the way you are working as a translator
  • For each complete response, we will donate £1 (up to £250) to a charity of your choice
  • You can suggest questions/topics for future research

Other details:

  • Personal data: Answers are 100% anonymous.
  • Completion time: ~20 minutes
  • Closing date: 5 April 2020

Some of the feedback we received:

“Thanks, that was an interesting opportunity to reflect on being a translator.”
“Great initiative, this should be conducted every year to get a true reflection of the industry from the freelancers’ perspective.”
“Very thorough and thought-provoking”

Take the survey

Live translation offers inclusive performances for Inwood play

By: Andrea Capuselli

A theater company in Inwood is offering live English-Spanish translation during three showings of an upcoming production to offer an inclusive experience for Spanish-speakers in the neighborhood.

Read more in AMNY

Fondo del Libro de Chile abre convocatoria a Línea de Apoyo a la Traducción 2020

By: Andrea Capuselli

In Spanish — El Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio anuncia la apertura de la convocatoria 2020 de la línea de Apoyo a la Traducción, del Fondo Nacional de Fomento del Libro y la Lectura, instancia dirigida a traductores y profesionales del libro que tiene como finalidad fomentar las traducciones en Chile, tal como lo establece la Política de la Lectura y el Libro 2015-2020.

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The “must attend” conferences of 2020 for interpreters

By: Andrea Capuselli

I decided to share with all of you the 2020 conferences I am determined to attend, and sadly, some I will not due to professional engagements. In other years I have attended more conferences than the ones on my list; last-minute changing circumstances and personal commitments let me go to events I had not planned to attend at the beginning of the year.

As of today, the conferences I plan to attend this year, and those I recommend even if I will not be able to be there, are…

Read the full list here

HBKU hosts medical translation workshop – March 8 to 11

By: Andrea Capuselli

The Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is putting the finishing touches to its latest workshop. Medical Translation takes place from March 8 to 11 and between 4pm and 7pm at Classroom A015, Penrose House, Education City. It will be delivered by Dr Ashraf Mohamed Abdel Fattah, an assistant professor at the Translation and Interpreting Studies Department.

Announcement at the Gulf Times

Barbara Moser-Mercer Wins 2020 Danica Seleskovitch Prize for Outstanding Service to Interpreting

By: Andrea Capuselli

On February 7, 2020, the Danica Seleskovitch Association announced the 2020 winner of its eponymously named prize. The Danica Seleskovitch Prize recognizes “outstanding service to the interpreting profession or original research in translation studies” and is awarded every two years.

Read more on Slator

TA First Translation Prize

By: Andrea Capuselli

The Society of Authors announced the winners of its translation prizes on February 12, 2020 in a ceremony at the British Library in London, UK. Morgan Giles’s translation of Tokyo Ueno Station by Yu Miri (Tilted Axis) won the £2,000 TA First Translation Prize, sponsored by Daniel Hahn and the British Council, and given “for a debut literary translation into English published in the UK.” The award is shared between Giles and the book’s editor, Saba Ahmed. Judges for 2019 were Daniel Hahn, Ellie Steel, and Shaun Whiteside.

Read the full announcement at the Society of Author’s site

Winners Have Been Announced! – The 7th Translation Challenge at the University of Essex

By: Andrea Capuselli

For the seventh year in a row, The University of Essex and the UK-based language service provider TTC wetranslate joined forces and ran a challenging competition designed to provide translation students with experience in the translation industry.

Read the full press release at

25th February 2020: “Translating Across Worlds” at Durham University

By: Andrea Capuselli

The French Research seminar, in collaboration with award-winning independent press Les Fugitives, is delighted to welcome francophone authors Ananda Devi and Colette Fellous to Durham University for a one-day event on translation, creativity, and intercultural politics.

This event is open to researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and creative writing and translation professionals. Attendance is free, but space is limited, so please email Dr Amaleena Damlé, to register your interest for one or more of the sessions.

See the full announcement at Durham University’s site

CTS Professionalisation Talks: Working in the Language Services Industry after MAAVTS (MA Audiovisual Translation Studies)

By: Andrea Capuselli
  • Date: Thursday 13 February 2020, 17:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Baines Wing SR (4.12)
  • Cost: Free
  • DownloadOutlook, iCal

Sara Santolini, Senior Project Manager, Voice & Script International discusses Working in the Language Services Industry after MAAVTS.

Find the full event information here

Best in translation: 28 students win the EU ʻJuvenes Translatoresʼ award

By: Andrea Capuselli

The European Commission has today announced the 28 winners of the European Commission’s Juvenes Translatores translation contest for secondary schools. This year’s topic was what young people can do to help shape the future of Europe. The European Commission’s translators selected the winners from among 3,116 participants from schools across Europe.

Read the full press release here

4th International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation to Kick off on Thursday at SQU

By: Andrea Capuselli

Muscat, Feb.03 (ONA) —- The activities of the international conference 4th International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation: Exploring Cultural Intersections,” will start on Thursday at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), under the patronage of Dr. Abdul-Munim bin Mansour al-Hasani, Minister of Information.

The conference will focus on the dynamics of culture and its representations in the fields of Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation.  It aims to emphasize cultural intersections and explore ways in which such intersections could be conceptualized, critiqued or disrupted and ultimately reconstructed.

Find more at Oman News

Paperless Preparation Training in London on February 15th, 2020

By: M El-Metwally

There is a general understanding among practitioners that preparation is related to higher quality and job satisfaction. Preparing for some assignments could be described as a paradox. Interpreters might be given all the material needed for thorough preparation, though they might receive it very close to the time of the conference. In other cases, interpreters are given sufficient time to prepare but receive very few details on their assignment. This training will provide interpreters with a preparation method and IT tools that allow them to most effectively use their time and the material available when preparing for an assignment. This training was successfully offered in different parts of the world and now it is coming to London.


  • The SPEAKING Preparation method
  • Term extraction
  • Practice scenarios
  • Introduction to paperless preparation environments
  • Apps for paperless preparation & digitizing notes
  • On the go apps and useful gadgets

For more information, please visit:

English-language workshop for academic translators at the Ebernburg near Mainz, Germany (BDÜ)

By: Dr. Ellen Yutzy Glebe

This intensive workshop for translators specializing in the social sciences and humanities strives to provide a mixture of informative talks by experts, exchange of ideas among colleagues, and ample opportunity for networking with other academic translators spread over three to four days in the idyllic Nahetal near Mainz. There will be two in-depth sessions (in English) with invited speakers (Allison Brown and Anna Frankhauser), one each morning of the workshop. One afternoon will—weather permitting—be set aside for a group hike in the surrounding vineyards and along the Nahe—or up to the ruins of Rheingrafenstein fortress—and Kaffee und Kuchen at the architectural jewel of the Kurmittelhaus in Bad Münster. The other afternoon will be filled with shorter sessions (in English or German) offered by the workshop participants themselves (for details, see below). The workshop will officially end Saturday morning, but those who choose can participate in a cruise up the picturesque Rhine valley.
For more information, visit the BDÜ website at

Conference for Translators and Interpreters Held in Lima, Peru

By: Arturo Delgado

There will be an international conference (III Congreso Internacional de Traductores e Interpretes) in Lima on May 2 and 3, 2020.

“We look forward to the participation of professionals and academics, as well as translators and interpreters in training. We are sure that the plenary speakers that will participare in CITI Lima 2020 are the first reason of interest for many people. In addition, individual presentations will support the academic and professional levels of this event.”

For more information, visit:

I will definitely be attending.  Please, let me know if someone else is going to this conference. community choice awards 2018: winners in interpreting

By: Jared Tabor

There were some great candidates as well in the interpreting-related categories for this year’s community choice awards. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

View image on Twitter

Blog: Best overall blog related to interpreting.

A Word in Your Ear – Lourdes De Rioja

Blog post: For a single blog post, as opposed to the “blog” category, which is based on a blog as a whole.

Yes, conference interpreting is a thing – Liz Essary

Website: Best overall professional interpreter’s website. – Alessandra Vita

​Twitter: Best overall Twitter account.

@translationtalk – (An initiative by @adrechsel and @jeromobot)

Facebook page/group: Best overall Facebook page or group.

Interpreters & Translators Network

Podcast: Best podcast (series or single podcast).

Troublesome Terps – Alexander Drechsel, Alexander Gansmeier, Jonathan Downie

Conference speaker:

Judy Jenner

Read more community choice awards 2018: winners in translation

By: Jared Tabor

The results are in. Thank you to everyone who nominated candidates, and all who voted in this year’s Community choice awards. Here are the winners in the translation-related categories:

View image on Twitter

Blog: Best overall blog related to translation.

Thoughts on Translation – Corinne McKay

Website: Best overall professional translator’s website. – Patricia Mora

Twitter: Best overall Twitter account.

@erik_hansson – Erik Hansson

Facebook page/group: Best overall Facebook page or group.

Things Translators Never Say

Podcast: Best podcast (series or single podcast).

Marketing Tips for Translators

Trainer: Active trainer in in-person or online training.

Tess Whitty

Article: Best article published (online or in print form).

When the Unthinkable Happens and Giving Up Work Isn’t an Option – Nikki Graham

Book: Best book published (print or digital format). May include re-releases or new editions.

Finding and Marketing to Translation Agencies: A Practical Guide for Freelance Translators – Corinne McKay

Blog post: For a single blog post, as opposed to the “blog” category, which is based on a blog as a whole.

“Dealing with PDF files during a translation project” – Nancy Matis profile: Most professional/attractive profile.

Alexander Manaenkov – Games, Apps, Web |

Most helpful contributor: All-around contributions, be they in forums, in term help, on social media, etc.

Sheila Wilson

Read more

Amazon selects One Hour Translation as partner for NMT-based solutions

Source: PR Newswire
Story flagged by: Jared Tabor

In relation to Amazon’s new service, Amazon Translate, One Hour Translation has been announced as partner in the delivery of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) services to enterprise customers. From the press release:

One Hour Translation, the world’s leading hybrid translation agency and largest online translation agency, announced that Amazon has selected it as a key partner to deliver Neural Machine Translation (NMT) based solutions to enterprise customers.

NMT is a revolutionary technology allowing computers to perform human-like translations that make sense.

One Hour Translation combines Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology with human post-editing and quality control, delivering high-quality human level translation, that costs much less and is done much faster than the human only alternative.

OHT is already using the Amazon NMT engine to improve the translation efficiency of enterprise customers such as iHerb, a world leader in food supplements, and other customers.

OHT allows business customers to fully leverage and benefit from the powerful NMT technology. OHT’s software is connected to all the top NMT engines, and adds a multi-step, streamlined process, before and after the NMT stage itself in order to provide business customers with a complete end-to-end solution.

Using One Hour Translation, business customers can send up to hundreds of thousands of projects in parallel for translation. The OHT hybrid system will select, on the fly, the most appropriate NMT engine, as well as the required pre-processing, post-editing, and quality control measures needed in order to deliver high-quality translation to business customers.

“Hybrid NMT based systems are the future of professional translation services,” says Ofer Shoshan, founder & CEO of One Hour Translation. “OHT’s hybrid translation system allows our top customers to receive high quality translations at a fraction of the cost and time of human only translation. We see growing interest from customers in hybrid translations and we have enterprise customers who are already using it,” added Shoshan. “We believe in NMT and will announce new NMT related products and services in the next few weeks,” he concluded.


Translators without Borders announces winners in the 2018 Access to Knowledge Awards

Source: Translators without Borders
Story flagged by: Jared Tabor

The Access to Knowledge Awards are presented annually to top contributors supporting the Translators without Borders mission. These award winners are leading the effort to ensure vulnerable people have access to vital knowledge in local languages. These awards are the preeminent honor given by Translators without Borders to those from the humanitarian, development and language sectors working in the field of communications in the right language.

The awards, which honor volunteers, donors, and non-profit partners, are given within six categories: Right to Knowledge Award for a translator or translation company who has translated humanitarian content with Translators without Borders; Excellence Award for an individual who has volunteered ‘above and beyond’ in supporting Translators without Borders; Empowerment Award for an individual or organization who has helped train or mentor new translators; Communicator of the Year for an individual who builds awareness of the need to increase access to knowledge; Humanitarian Communicator for a non-profit that exemplifies increased access to information in the right language; and Donor Award for an individual or organization that has significantly contributed to the financial health of Translators without Borders.

Congratulations to member Gladis Audi, on the French Translation Team receiving the Empowerment Award, and to Ashutosh Mitra, Monika Saraf and Bhashna Gupta, receiving honorable mention as part of the eCancer Hindi team.

See the full awards announcement >>

Participate online in Elia Together 2018 (free for Plus subscribers)

By: Jared Tabor

As you may have already heard, the European language industry association (Elia) and have teamed up to broadcast this year’s event, Together 2018Together is an annual two-day event from Elia, where language service companies and independent professionals convene for open dialogue on industry trends, to learn mutually-relevant new approaches, to update technical skills and, ultimately, develop lasting relationships to serve their end clients better. This year, the event will be held on February 22nd and 23rd.

If you are a Plus subscriber, you will have access to the broadcast and recordings from this year’s event for free.

All you have to do is:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Go to at (also found under the “Member activities” section of the site menu).
  3. Enjoy.

Elia Together 2018

This event has been approved for up to 7 ATA Continuing Education points. Important: in order to earn CE points, you must click the “Get credentialed” button on the timer above the video player on

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