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Medical Translations (Ph.D.) & Manuals

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Editing, Translation, Linguistic Validation

User's Manuals
Translation of dozens of User's Manuals for Electrolux, Kimberly Clark, Husquarna, etc.

Clinical Trial Documentation
Translation and editing of dozens of documents for Analytico, Bio-Imaging, Bioniche, Myogen, Pliva, Quest Diagnostics, specifically: Translation/Reviewing of Study Protocols, Patient Information, Informed Consent Forms, Patient Dairies, User (Laboratory) Manuals, Instructions, Training Materials for Investigators, Investigator Brochures, Labels, Packaging Instructions, etc.

AMA Guidelines
Translation of the American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment for the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Software Localization
Translation and localization of Axciton Polygraph software, User’s Guide, and Help Manual for Axciton Systems Inc.

Editing and translating scientific papers for "Oncology" and "Experimental Oncology."

Economics, Finance, Budget, Fiscal, Taxation, Banking, Credit Unions, Social Services:
Numerous translations for The World Bank, USAID, EU, DFID, Bearing Point, Research Triangle Institute, Development Alternatives Incorporated, Icon Institute, Interprojects, Canadian Cooperative Association, specifically: Legislation, Regulations, Research Papers, Analytical Papers, Budget Analysis, Presentations, Reports, etc.

Interpretation services for top officials (Government and Parliament) and international advisors (Bearing Point, DAI, RTI, Icon Institute).


Translations from English to Ukrainian:
(1) Law for Business Students by K. Owens (Znannia Publishing House, 2002)
(2) Organizational Behavior by D.Hellriegel, J. W. Slocum, Jr., R. W. Woodman (Osnovy Publishing House, 2001)
(3) The Business Plan Workbook by C. & P. Barrows and R. Brown (Znannia Publishing House, 2001)
(4) Manager’s Guide to Policy Formulation and Analysis by M.P. Brown (Osnovy Publishing House, 2000)
(5) Anthology of Economic Reform in Ukraine published by the Project on Economic Reform in Ukraine (Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, 1994).

Translations from English to Russian:
(6) Successful Tourism Marketing: A Practical Handbook by S. Briggs (Znannia Publishing House, 2006)
(7) Market Research: A Guide to Planning, Methodology and Evaluation by Paul Hague (Znannia Publishing House, 2006)
(8) EU Internal Market Law by G. Davies (Znannia Publishing House, 2004)
(9) Marketing Communications by P. Smith (Znannia Publishing House, 2003)
(10) Essentials of Marketing by J. Blythe (Znannia Publishing House, 2003)
(11) Memories of Maggie: A Portrait of Margaret Thatcher by I. Dale (Znannia Publishing House, 2003).

Bacteriology, Banking, Biography, Biology, Cardiology, Cosmetics, Demography, Ecology & Environmental Science, Genealogy, Genetics, Geriatrics, Gerontology, Instruments, Legislation, Management, Marketing, Medical, Microbiology, Multimedia, Nontraditional Medicine, Oncology, Oncovirology, Pharmaceutical, Polygraph Systems, Public Administration, Radiobiology, Radiology, Regulations, Research, Ultrasonography, Virology
Słowa kluczowe: Medicine, Biology, Genetics, Oncology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Ecology, Economics, Law, Marketing, Investment, Taxes, Budget, Fiscal, Marketing Communications, Business, Fiction, Environment, Intergovernmental, Ukraine, contract law, EU law, European Union, Kyiv, Kiev, government, local budgets, personal income tax, green issues, environmental protection, community matters, organizational behaviour, Russian, Ukrainian, cognitive debriefing, linguistic validation

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