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Call for articles members, moderators or staff members have identified the following topics of interest. If you have special knowledge or expertise in any of the areas listed, please consider submitting an article. Writing a translation article is a way to share your expertise and promote yourself in your fields.

Topics suggested for articles:
» Proofreading guidelines in legal translation
Call submitted 01/11/2021 | Legal/Patent Translation
  As a linguist specialising in legal field, one is often asked to proofread legal and judicial documents. What are the rules and strategies used and recognised in this field? Should a proofreader always ask for instructions, so that no conflict could arise afterwards?
» Court interpreting
Call submitted 05/20/2010 | Interpreting
  It would be interesting to hear from someone who interprets for witnesses or defendants in a criminal court.
» Business letters in Japanese
Call submitted 05/15/2009 | Business Issues
  samples of business letters in Japanese and common etiquette to be observed in such letters.
» Perfect Punctuation
Call submitted 04/8/2009 | English Grammar
  Tips for knowing which punctuation marks to use
» Translation of Published Works
Call submitted 02/2/2009 | Art/Literary Translation
  I would like to see an article written on the translation of published works and how to work, as a translator, with authors and publishing companies.
» Naturalness in Translation
Call submitted 08/5/2008 | Art of Translation and Interpreting
  Hi, I would like to get recommendations, articles, e-books, and any other materials about naturalness in translation. The main search I am conducting targets English-German-Arabic-Hebrew languages. Other languages can be helpful but they are going to be marginal.
» Become a Succesfull Conf Interpreter
Call submitted 01/15/2008 | Getting Established
  Since very few people know, an article on becoming a succesful conference interpreter would be good to see.
» Translating Transit Projects with Déjà Vu X
Call submitted 01/5/2008 | CAT Tools
  A procedure for processing the contents of PXF files for translation using DVX and repackaging the final results for delivery.
» Business Plans for the Translator
Call submitted 01/5/2008 | Business Issues
  The basics of written business plans and how freelance translators can benefit from them.
» Hosting: Using databases
Call submitted 01/5/2008 | Hosting
  A basic, step-by-step example of how to access content in an SQL database from a hosted web page.
» How to translate advertisement and marketing texts
Call submitted 12/7/2007 | Sales/Marketing Translation
  Tips and tricks for translating claims, slogans, body of the text, etc., payment for this specially creative work, recommended books, special dictionaries, etc.
» Teaching English to second language learners
Call submitted 12/7/2006 | English Grammar
  I would like anyone to write an article about teaching english to second language learners.
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